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What is the E-DLD project?

Engage with Developmental Language Disorder or E-DLD is a new project that aims to link researchers studying DLD with families and individuals with DLD. 


Families and individuals who sign up will receive a quarterly newsletter from the team. This newsletter will include summaries of recently published research on DLD, along with suggestions about what the research findings mean for individuals living with DLD. We will also provide a summary of other DLD related events or activities going on in the DLD community.


Families and individuals with DLD will also receive monthly or quarterly emails advertising current research projects who need people to take part. You may be interested in getting involved with some of them! But it is up to you to decide whether to contact the researchers to take part - we never give out your information to anyone else. 


We hope this project will both help keep individuals affected by DLD informed about recent research as well as increase our ability to do high quality research into DLD.


Why we set up the E-DLD project

Developmental Language Disorder affects about 1 in 15 children, or 7.6% of all children in the UK.  Despite this developmental disorder being just as common as ADHD and much more common than Autism, it does not receive the same level of research attention or recognition in society. This is particularly frustrating as DLD has a huge impact on multiple areas of children's development. The amount of research published investigating DLD is lower than it should be given its impact and prevalence. This project aims to address this issue by helping to facilitate research projects into the causes, treatment and consequences of DLD.

E-DLD's Aims:

  • Provide parents and individuals with DLD with up to date information regarding the latest scientific discoveries related to DLD

  • Provide parents and individuals with DLD with the opportunity to engage directly in the latest research into the causes, treatments and consequences of DLD

  • Provide a platform to find further information about DLD, including links to open access publications into DLD research, and occasionally receive invitations to join virtual and in person events

A Bit About Us

  • E-DLD is organised by Dr Michelle St Clair from the University of Bath, Dr Jenny Gibson from the University of Cambridge and Professor Nicola Botting from City, University of London.

  • The E-DLD project is currently supported by Jason Chan (3rd year placement student currently studying for a BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath) and Annabel Burnley (current PhD student at the University of Bath).


  • ​We have started the E-DLD project to help support both the DLD research community as well as parents of children with DLD and young people and adults with DLD.


  • E-DLD has also been supported by Tsz Lok Ng (Placement Student, University of Cardiff), Vanessa Lloyd (PhD candidate, University of Bath) and Annabelle Cameron (University of Bath Undergraduate Student).

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