What will happen if I sign up?

  • If you sign up we will ask you information about yourself, your child, your family and contact information

  • This information will be held securely in servers at the University of Bath and will only be available to the core E-DLD team

  • We will never pass your information on to other research teams or external organisations without your permission

  • You can choose to withdraw your information from E-DLD at any time

  • If you sign up you will receive up to one email per month with information about research studies looking for participants

  • It is up to you to decide if you want to contact researchers and take part in a study

  • The E-DLD team will send you a yearly survey to complete. This will allow us to find out more about the progress and difficulties those with DLD experience over time

  • Responses to the survey will be used for research, but will not be linked to personal details, such as your name or email address

Will taking part in E-DLD be useful to me?

  • This project is managed by leading experts in DLD with decades of research experience studying DLD

  • You will have access to easy to read summaries of recent research within our quarterly newsletters 

  • You will be able to help identify research priorities and how research is complete

  • This project will help the DLD research community - this may lead to a better understanding of DLD, which could lead to better treatment options in the future

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