Welcome to the Engage with Developmental Language Disorder (E-DLD) project!


The E-DLD project links researchers with those affected by Developmental Language Disorder, childhood language disorder or communication impairment.  


The E-DLD team invites individuals with DLD and their families to sign up to the project.  They will receive regular opportunities to engage in research projects. E-DLD members will also have access to our regular research summaries on our website as well as in our E-DLD newsletter! We will also occasionally run events only open to E-DLD members.

The E-DLD newsletter will explain:

  • The latest scientific findings about DLD in ways that are easy to understand.

  • What DLD research findings could mean for you in your everyday life

You will be invited to:

  • Take part in deciding what research into DLD is needed and how it should be done.

  • Take part in new DLD research studies. 

  • Complete the yearly E-DLD survey.


The E-DLD team want to know more about DLD and how we can all work together improve support.  Better understanding and support will help make life easier for those with DLD.

Find out more about E-DLD and our research by browsing this website! 

Please click here to sign up today! 

What is E-DLD?

E-DLD project goals.
Why E-DLD is needed.
Who runs E-DLD?

What will happen if I sign up?

Will the E-DLD project be helpful to me?

Are there any downsides?

Resources and support for parents

Progress checker, DLD podcasts, other DLD resource websites, and more...

I've changed my mind

If you've changed your mind about being part of the E-DLD project, we'll be sad to see you go.  Please click below to leave the E-DLD project.

DLD Research

Learn more about DLD research with our easy to understand summaries.

My details have changed!

Please keep us up to date about important changes!  Let us know about changes to

  • email address

  • home address

  • new language or literacy assessment details

  • changes or additions to your family

Please click below to update us.

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