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About E-DLD

We want to see a world where DLD is fully understood by families and professionals.

Developmental Language Disorder affects about 1 in 15 people.  Despite being as common as ADHD and much more common than Autism, DLD does not have the same level of recognition in society. This is particularly frustrating because DLD has a huge impact on many areas of life. The amount of research into DLD is much lower than it should be.


We wanted to change this, so we set up E-DLD.

Our mission is to connect people with DLD and their families to academic research.

Our main objectives:

  • Involve people with DLD around the world in research.

  • Make research findings accessible to all.

  • Create opportunities for people affected by DLD to connect with one another.

  • Build strong partnerships with organisations working to support people with DLD.

Becoming an E-DLD member

People who sign up to E-DLD receive a quarterly newsletter from the team.

This newsletter includes:

  • Summaries of research on DLD

  • Suggestions about what the research findings mean for individuals living with DLD

  • News about events or activities in the DLD community

E-DLD members also get monthly or quarterly emails advertising research projects who need people to take part.

You may be interested in getting involved with some of them!

We never give out your information to anyone else- It is up to you to decide whether to contact the researchers to take part.

E-DLD members are invited to members-only virtual events.

These provide:

  • Opportunities for gaining support and learning about the evidence base

  • Opportunities for members to meet each other


We hope E-DLD will keep individuals affected by DLD informed, as well as increase our ability to do high quality research into DLD.



Contact us

E-DLD team

Department of Psychology, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY

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