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Although we have quite a few wonderful projects raising awareness of DLD, a project to help build research capacity was missing from the mix. The E-DLD project will fill this gap and help build capacity for high quality research into the causes, treatment and consequences of DLD.

We are creating a database of families and individuals affected by DLD. The aim is two-fold: to provide families with up to date scientific information about DLD in an easy to understand format and to help facilitate recruitment for research projects into DLD. 

We are happy to advertise any DLD related research projects to our E-DLD members. You will need to clearly demonstrate ethical approval from a suitable ethics review board and complete our application forms below. 

We would love for you to get involved.  Please consider distributing our recruitment materials if you are recruiting children, adolescents or adults with DLD more locally to you.  

See below for materials for:

  • Application forms to advertise your research project to the E-DLD members

  • Recruitment flyers to distribute to any families or individuals with DLD that you can contact about your research. 

  • Please email your application for approval and your advertisement detail form to E-DLD@bath.ac.uk

Help us Recruit more E-DLD members

Please consider passing along this information leaflet or poster to either existing families or individuals with DLD you are working with or to new participants you are recruiting.  Please don't forget about E-DLD when you're recruiting for future projects!  Remember, you may need to factors this into your ethics applications.

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