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Find support!

Support is available for people affected by DLD. We've put together a range of resources that you may find useful.

Organisations supporting people with DLD

ICAN logo.png

A UK charity supporting children with speech, language and communication needs. Provides training and services.

RADLD logo.png

An international campaign to raise awareness of DLD. Leads an annual DLD day. Hosts personal stories from people with DLD.

afasic logo.jpg

A parent led organisation for young people with speech and language impairments.  Provides information and training. Provides a helpline, helping you figure out what support your child needs and how to get it. 

the DLD project.png

An Australian platform providing evidence-based information, resources and training from  expert contributors around the globe. is a volunteer organization established to enhance understanding of DLD and to offer support and resources for parents, teachers and individuals impacted by DLD. When you visit DLDandMe, you will find a growing collection of brief informational posts that summarize current evidence on topics related to DLD. 

Worried about a child's language development?

Below are some links for information on developmental milestones:

Do you think your child could benefit from Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)? There are NHS funded SLT services - most of these services have details you can find online. We recommend you go to Google and search "children NHS Speech and Language Therapy + Your Area".

Below are some links for information about Speech and Language Therapy:

Are you a teacher who is concerned about how to best support children in your classroom with Developmental Language Disorder?  

Learn more about DLD


Finding a Voice book cover

Finding a Voice Website and Book:

Damian Quinn was diagnosed with DLD as a child and attended a specialist language school.  He has written a book about his experiences and is passionate about raising awareness about DLD. This is the only autobiography from an individual with DLD that we know of!

DLD and me book cover

DLD AND ME, Supporting children and young people with Developmental Language Disorder:

Speech and Language Therapists, Anna Sowerbutts and Amanda Finer, have written a book containing a 12-week programme to support young people to understand their DLD diagnosis. The programme has been created to enable young people to use the DLD label to avocate for their needs.

uncommon understanding book cover

UNCOMMON UNDERSTANDING, Development and Disorders of Language Comprehension in Children:

Prof. Dorothy V. M. Bishop, Professor of developmental neuropsychology at the Univeristy of Oxford, has written a comprehensive book on the process of language comprehension. This detailed book, containing a wealth of academic research, explains the science behind disorders of language comprehension.

joshy finds his voice book cover

Joshy finds his voice

Cynthia Pelman writes a memoir from the perspectives of a mother and a Speech and Language Therapist working to support a young boy with DLD (then called Specific Language Impairment).

Films & Podcasts

the DLD project icon

The DLD Project has its own podcast called The Talking Podcast. Families and professionals talk about ways to help people with DLD succeed.

girl reading a book

Previous team member on E-DLD, Dr Vanessa Lloyd-Esenkaya, produced a short film to raise awareness of DLD. A collaboration with Talk Speech and Language Therapy and Childspeech, Bristol.

From the perspectives of those with DLD:

R.A.D.L.D. campaign video

Animation explaining what it's like to have DLD, from Lily Farrington

The Hidden Disorder video front page
DLD and me logo

Film showing one person's experience of growing up with DLD. From Ryan Kalifer.

Film explaining what it feels like to have DLD. Produced by DLD and Me.

RADLD logo

Multiple films from families and young people. See the RADLD Youtube channel.


Developmental Language Disorder Unpacked: A day for parents, University of Bath

In October 2019 the University of Bath hosted an information day for parents of children with DLD. Speakers at this event included Teaching professionals, Researchers and Speech and Language Therapists.

The day was a great success, but we know that some parents could not attend. Parents and professionals: see these recordings of the day's talks.

DLD Unpacked Part One:​

  • Improving outcomes for children with language difficulties: One school's journey

  • A seat at the table? Autism advocacy- Lessons from the autistic community

  • Moving forward with new initiatives in DLD

  • What can interventions do?

 ~   ~


DLD Unpacked Part Two:  

  • DLD and Mental Health - Secondary effects of DLD: What, why and how to help 

~   ~

Building awareness of DLD

Do you want to share information about DLD with your family, colleagues, or professionals supporting your child? These resources can help.

DLD Unpacked booklet front page

A booklet made for the University of Bath's DLD Unpacked event.

Researchers across the UK and individuals with DLD contributed.

A teacher's guide to DLD page

A teacher's guide to DLD. Created to the University of Bath's DLD Unpacked event.

Written by Dr Vanessa Lloyd-Esenkaya and Jayne Worrall from Meadowside Community Primary and Nursery School.

afasic logo.jpg

Find information sheets for families and professionals on Afasic's website. All available to download.

RCSLT logo.jpg

See this information sheet about DLD produced by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).

We have created evidence-based documents about DLD. Families and Speech and Language Therapists can share these with different professionals.

To download a document, click on a profession from the list below:

Health & Social care professionals


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