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One minute survey predicts 3/4 of children who will have low language at 11 years*

Gasparini et al. (2023). Using machine-learning methods to identify early-life predictors of 11- year language outcome. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 68(8), 1242-1252. 

We have a YouTube video, infographic and text summary of the paper. Use the links below to access it in whichever format best suits you!

Gasparini Text Summary
Download • 195KB

Gasparini Infographic
Download • 190KB

* This is a research summary created by an external contributor following new guidelines designed to make research summaries accessible to the DLD community (Gasparini et al., 2024;

Whilst E-DLD hosts and shares these summaries we are not responsible for their creation or content.


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